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Why the resurrection?

On Sunday we read from John 20:19-31. It’s the famous passage of Thomas the doubting disciple. It’s also the text set for us by the lectionary every year for the first Sunday after Easter, and contains that wonderful and terrifying passage in which the resurrected Christ appears to the disciples in the locked room. Showing […]

Gardens, God and Hope

A concern for the creation has been present within our church for many years. Both Maroubra Junction and Maroubra Bay congregations had significant commitments to engaging in environmental concerns – through the Friends of Malabar Headland group, Project Green Church and participation in the 350.org movement. More recently our church has launched a Community Garden […]

Entering the Dance

Have you ever been to a Turkish or Lebanese restaurant on an evening where there is a belly dancer? It’s a lot of fun … except for when you are the person in the room whom the dancer beckons and then pulls up to join her in the dance. These dancers have an uncanny ability […]

Feeding, healing, teaching… prayer

Over the last few weeks Andrew has been reflecting with us on Jesus’ ministry as feeding and healing. It’s been good to be reminded of the vibrance in Jesus’ response to the people he meets. I’ve noticed again the intensity and movement in the beginning of Mark’s story.   As we read together on Sunday […]

Garden Dreams

It seems only yesterday that December turned over into January and a new year began. Now, we’ve already found our way into February. And I find myself wondering what adventures will be set before us through this year.   Last year we had a lot of waiting to do. It seemed as though we waited […]

Kyrie Eleison

Lord, have mercy. Some days there are situations which confront us with horror.   I think of senseless violence in too many places. And I think especially of the sister in our congregation who flies to Cairns today to https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra/ grieve for the loss of family and the rupture felt within her home community.   […]

Advent Beauty

Sunday was a day filled with beauty. The sun shone in the morning- perfect beach weather for an unusual free Sunday morning. I love the beach! The waves were rough and there was much laughter in trying to stay between the flags. Even Iain, who doesn’t much like the beach, said that perhaps we could […]

Waiting, watching, praying

  In Advent we look for signs that God is present in our midst. We hope. We wait. We watch.   We pray: Advent-God, we are waiting for you. Burst in upon our lives with your colour and vibrance, like fireworks in a summery sky. God-of-Hope, forgive us when we fail to expect your coming, […]

Living in God’s embrace

On Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Lani Jean Johnson. We marvelled together at the way that God gathers us up in loving embrace.   Mary Fleeson, an artist from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium, puts it like this:   Embrace me, O Lord As the loving parent to a new born babe; As the gentle wave […]