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Drenching Grace

You probably won’t be surprised to know that I’ve been thinking about baptism. There is a deep sense of joy and excitement that our community will be sharing in the baptism of not one, but two people in November. We will welcome Lani and Leah and recognise the grace of God already at work within […]

Baklava and Barbeques

On the weekend I visited my first Australian mosque.   I’ve been to mosques before when travelling overseas, particularly in Morocco and Turkey. But when I heard about the National Mosque Open Day, I realised that I had never been inside a mosque within my own country, as a fellow-citizen rather than as a tourist. […]

In between contemplation and gossip…

I’ve been on retreat for a couple of days alongside those who shared my ministry training. We’ve had lots of gossip to catch up on over scones and coffee (and wine and cheese). Being gifted a couple of days to listen deeply to the stories of Scripture and to the wisdom of these friends has […]

Justice and Jerusalem

It was good to be back among the gathered Hope community on Sunday morning, after three weeks of travelling in Jordan and Jerusalem. I really appreciated the stories that Mike shared with us of grandfathers and justice. His comments resonated deeply for me with his comments after the juxtaposition of luxurious relaxation by the Dead […]

Learning to listen

“I heard the voice of Jesus say…” I can still hear this old hymn ringing out as our very own Bec Lindsay sang the refrain throughout one of her early sermons as Hope Uniting. It marked out some clear territory; Bec’s own strength and boldness; a connection to Iona and a willingness to play within […]

A community of the heart

Come Holy Spirit. Transform us. Transform our community. This prayer has stayed with me over the last week. I wonder where the Spirit will lead me (us) as we pray these words? I wonder if I (we) will have the courage to listen, hear, and follow?   Over the weekend I was lucky enough to […]

Come, Holy Spirit…

Once a month I get up far too early and make my way to a church, somewhere in the Eastern suburbs. I hope there is a bus that will get me to my destination without too much hassle and that there is somewhere I can grab a coffee on the way to help with my […]

When dreams start becoming reality…

This morning began like any other morning. I walked down to the church and was welcomed by the warmth of Myrle’s office. There was some new mail… for Andrew…from Randwick council. Finally, after months of waiting, our approval letter had arrived. No more hurdles to digging up the dirt and getting our community garden going! […]

Happy Birthday Uniting Church

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the Uniting Church. 37 years old and still learning together what it means to be part of the Body of Christ in Australia here and now. Lately, I have a been thinking a lot about who we are as a Uniting Church. I have been thinking about what it […]