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Prayer Practices #1: The Examen

Over the next fortnight, Matt will be posting about some different prayer practices to help us continue our exploration of prayer and fasting. The posts will be short and, for the most part, practically-focused. The Examen The Examen, based on the writings of Ignatius of Loyola, is a practice of prayerful reflection on the events […]

An inclusive church?

Anyone is welcome to come to church. Anyone is welcome to come to our church at Hope. Black, white, Tongan, Korean, Anglo, student, retired, gay, bi, straight, depressed, confused, excited, addicted, uncertain, young, old, child (actual or at heart), loud, noisy, shy, radical lefty, devoted conservative, local, tourist, or wanderer by. Come along on Sunday, […]

Fasting: Learning to Desire Differently

Consumer culture has shaped us into a people who have almost no limits on our desires. Indeed, our current political system treats purchasing more and more things as a right—nay, a responsibility!— one that ensures the economy is successful. Political philosopher Charles Taylor describes this cultural mindset that has captivated us in the West: Everyone […]

Praying the Psalms

As a congregation we’re taking up the challenge to pray and fast for the next three months as we listen for God’s message to us. There’s a range of ways you might choose to engage with this challenge – after all, we are each in difference spaces and rhythms of life. Wherever your life is […]

Prayer and Fasting

It has been a fruitful period of learning for us as a church to consider holiness. Not as a special virtue for us to aspire to; but as a fundamental calling and marker of all who would follow Christ. And therein lies the major clue – it is primarily not connected to our existing virtue […]

Reflections on Love

Yesterday I spent the day in prayer in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office. Along with my companions I refused to leave, unless we had an assurance from the Prime Minister that the detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island would be closed, and those held within them brought to Australia. We spent five hours in […]

Paper Dolls

This morning I attended one of the many actions organised by Love Makes a Way in response to the leaked incident reports from the Nauru detention centre that the Guardian published last week. I put on my clerical collar, got on the train with my paper dolls, drank some coffee and made my way to […]

Au Eswow

Life is busy. This year is busy. Somehow we find that it is already August! Sometimes I feel like I rush from one thing to another, my mind constantly churning and swirling, full of too many things. I (we?) forget to stop and breathe cialis generique and http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/prix-cialis-vs-viagra/ look around. On Sunday Rosemary taught us […]