During this fortnight, Matt will be posting about some different prayer practices to help us continue our exploration of prayer and fasting. The posts will be short and, for the most part, practically-focused.

Lectio Divina

This ancient practice has enjoyed a resurgence in recent times, including amongst Protestants. Lectio Divina literally means “divine reading,” and is the practice of praying the Scriptures. It is a helpful practice that centres on listening to a small portion of text with the “ears of our heart.” It can be done individually or in a group.

There are four steps in Lectio Divina, although they are not rules so much as guidelines:

  1. Lectio (reading): Read the Scripture slowly, so that it sinks into us.
  2. Meditatio (reflecting): Rake time to silently reflect on the text we have just read, meditating on what God might be saying through it.
  3. Oratio (responding): We respond to God by allowing our hearts, inspired by the text, to pour out in prayer. This should be less a process of well-thought-out prayers, and more about allowing prayers to arise out of the depths of us.
  4. Contemplation (resting): In this final stage, we let go of our plans and ideas, and simply rest in God. We listen for the still, small voice of God who speaks to us in the depths of our person.


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