barth prayerThere’s an oft-quoted Karl Barth line about reading with the bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. It’s a clear call for our faith to speak not only to our private lives but to the public realm as well.


Jesus reconciles each one of us to relationship with God; and Jesus also reconciles the whole creation. Your personal life and that of the ecosystem and our economic structures are all within Jesus’ concern. Which is why as a church we seek to act together around issues like advocating for asylum seekers and reconciliation for all Australians. And it is why we encourage you to join in our prayer retreats, bible studies and small groups.


Faith is always private and public.


What I find interesting about Barth’s quote is that we almost always miss the second line, “…but interpret newspapers from your bible.” If the Christian scriptures recognize Jesus as the Word of God, and his cross and resurrection as the clearest view of power and love – what does that say to our approach to politics and economics? To environmental concerns and international affairs?


Can we let Jesus challenge our inherited worldviews and assumed political stances? Do we allow him to challenge our daily rhythms of life and work?


At Hope Uniting we are committed to being challenged by our faith in all realms of life. Our vision is to be a congregation deeply rooted in scripture, prayer and worship as well as following the consequences of this faith into the public realm.


Where do you need to let faith push you today?

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