“Who are you?” the people come to ask John.

In response John points them towards the One who will make all things new: Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Who is this Christ, already among them?
The light shining in the darkness that cannot be overcome.
The love lived so fully that it overflows and abounds with generous abundance.
The wisdom shared so deeply that it holds nothing back and turns the world upside down.

And this light that John points towards tells us something about who we are, about how God sees us and this whole creation that the Creator steps inside of.

This is the light that shines on the first day and sees, knows, loves each one of us.

This is the love that claims you as its own, beloved child born of God and nourishes your being.

This is the wisdom that calls you to keep on embodying justice and truth, generosity and grace, to take risks for the sake of all these because you are held.

What a gift to be pointed towards this Christ, who calls us to follow in God’s Way and to see with eyes of the Spirit. What a gift to be invited to dream of a world made new with God’s love, justice, peace and generosity.

Rosemary shared with us on Sunday about how her Great-Grandmother and her Grandmother were like John the Baptist for her. They pointed her towards God’s love, taught her to pray and invited her to dream. I think about those people who have helped me to see and imagine the world as it might be, infused with God’s reign of courageous love and gracious justice. And then I wonder, could we as individuals and as a community also be those who point towards the light which shines in the darkness?

How do we even open our eyes up to see the light, to notice light and love and signs of God’s reign infusing all things even in the midst of everyday?

How do our lives point towards hope in times of fear and pessimism?Where do our lives bubble up with the joy of living and loving life to the full?

This week I will be praying that in small things as well as big, I might be a witness to the great love of God that I have encountered in Christ.


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