How do we know God?

Specifically, how do we know the God who we see revealed in Jesus Christ?

The opening to John’s gospel is a powerful mash-up using Jewish wisdom literature, Greek philosophy and even some of Genesis chapter 1, to create an incredibly evocative vision about the Word of God. This Word of God is present in the very heart and act of creation; and is light and life for all people shining in the darkness

And just as we are brought in by the powerful poetry, seeking the answer to the puzzle of who this man is – we are instead turned to another person.  John the Baptist.

How do we know who Jesus is? Through the witness and testimony of others. Through relationship; within the grammar and syntax of community. Again and again, John will seek to remind us that faithful witness and personal testimony are the structure s of faith.

I am always intrigued by this opening to John’s gospel.

And even more than that, I am challenged by its focus upon witness.

What does my life witness to?

What does my time and my passion and my focus give witness to?

John’s gospel will continue to probe and push as we wrestle with it.




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