Sparkler Hope

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard a number of small stories from people, about where they have seen and experienced hope:

Kirsty shared of her experience of the new hospitality group, and the way they have embraced becoming a community who engage with scripture, care for one another, and offering hospitality to others with simple gestures like a bunch of flowers, a caramel slice, or an HSC care package.

Sofi reminded us that our hope is placed in a good God whom we can trust, who is present with us even in our dark moments, even in illness.

Colin spoke from the perspective of being involved in the leadership team and church council over a number of years, seeing ideas for change

Cailyn told us of a congregation that saw and nurtured the gifts and graces she hadn’t yet recognised in herself.become tangible changes in church structure, name, and vision.

And Andrew pointed out how many of us have only recently joined in on this journey, and that we expect to gather up more companions for the road.


We are bursting with good news stories.

We have many stories about moments where our congregation sees a glimpse of the reign of God breaking through here and now.


Yesterday, the church was full. Busy. The day was adrenaline-fuelled.

In the early morning, a group of ministers from across the Eastern suburbs met at Hope Uniting to pray that God would pour out the Holy Spirit on our area. A little later, architects walked around taking measurements for the community garden DA alongside Indigenous mothers meeting at a learning circle organised by the Junction Neighbourhood centre. As they finished up the office was full of laughing kids, ringing the doorbell and tapping on the window, feeling at home. We registered a group for NCYC Yuróra, and then Mike, Matt Anslow and I attended the AGM for the Junction Neighbourhood Centre. In the evening a group gathered in Corio for a beer, movie and pizza together. All this alongside admin, liturgy writing, sermon thinking, and sharing stories together in the office.


And full again of those glimpses of God’s reign breaking in, drawing us into relationship with each other and our wider community, full of possibility and imagination of the future.


When I look back over where we have come over the last year, I am thankful.  So much of yesterday’s busyness was a dream in February, and there are more dreams still. But the Spirit of God is surely at work, bubbling up hope.

Come, Holy Spirit, come

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