It’s been a day of significant steps for Hope Uniting Church.

blurred cross

And I’m feeling tired and excited at all the possibilities before us. Our next Newsletter published (great work Myrle), a big financial hurdle crossed, our website nearing full readiness and some important planning discussions around the community garden.

Down the road Nesto is grinding out the coffee and the Federal candidates are hovering around the pre-polling station like cats on a hot tin roof. The AA group has come and gone from the rooms behind me, but the Irish lilt of Patrick still hovers in the air.

There is undoubtedly a bustling energy around at the moment. Perhaps a sense of spring come a few days early?

It is indeed a turning of the seasons. But far more than just the budding plants, it is God’s wild and loving Spirit inviting us into something new! It is a new season and I pray that we might have the ears to hear and the eyes to see it.

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