This morning began like any other morning. I walked down to the church and was welcomed by the warmth of Myrle’s office. There was some new mail… for Andrew…from Randwick council. Finally, after months of waiting, our approval letter had arrived. No more hurdles to digging up the dirt and getting our community garden going! Hallelujah!


There was some dancing around the office, and some taking of silly photographs. But mostly, I’ve been sitting in the office and staring out the window, imagining a community garden and all the relationships and learning and blossoming that it will hold.


Here is where we get our hands dirty. Here is where we learn what hospitality is as we invite our neighbours to share in this journey with us and partner together. Here is where we see what other whispers the Spirit of God has waiting for us amidst spinach and earthworms, carrots and lemons.


There’s a great quote that came up on my Facebook feed earlier in the year. It’s from Ron Finley, who is a community garden guru in LA:

 “Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus you get strawberries.”

I’m looking forward to testing this out with members of Hope and our wider community.

Plus, I really like strawberries.

One of those silly photos!

One of those silly photos!


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