On Mondays this semester, I have been teaching Introduction to Biblical Hebrew. I get in my car and listen to the radio, wishing that the hour of my drive would mean more Zan and less Lewi. This week, as I listened to the midday news, my mind was wondering to where I would station hop (more music somewhere? That new Arabic language station my husband had added to our favourites?).

And then,

third item in,


Two prayer sit-ins in the offices of PM Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten were reported by the Triple J news.


I’d been following the sit-ins through the morning, praying for those who were praying for children in detention and for a compassionate, bipartisan change in Australian policy. I felt so much pride in these fellow Christians and the peaceful, prayerful stand they were taking. I reflected on where the Christ we Christians follow would have been at that moment: sitting in Shorten and Abbott’s offices, maybe even staging a sit-in at Parliament House, and surely sharing in the real experience of the 1023 children we currently have locked up in detention.


Love makes a way, but it’s not always easy to see how.

Praying in a politicians office seems crazy- what does it achieve?

Love makes a way, but it’s Jesus’ way, not ours.

This way will be about peacemaking, justice seeking, and loving the people we’d find easier to dismiss or hate.

Love makes a way because that is the Good News we live by.

The Good News of a God who won’t hold us at arm’s length, whose love will chase us down until the all things are reconciled and made new.


Spirit of God, help us to believe that love makes a way.

Spirit of God, help us to enact what we believe.



(If you want to read more about the prayer sit-ins, this is a great article to read: )

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