On Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Lani Jean Johnson.

We marvelled together at the way that God gathers us up in loving embrace.


Mary Fleeson, an artist from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium, puts it like this:


lani baptism 2Embrace me, O Lord

As the loving parent to a new born babe;

As the gentle wave on a wind swept shore;

As the summer breeze lifts the soaring bird;

As the pure note of song caresses an ear;

As the clear starlight falling on a deep still lake;

As the familiar words of a memorised poem:

Embrace me, O Lord.


In baptism we see that life is a precious gift awakened by the breath of God- the Holy Spirit- who fell upon Jesus as a dove, and who comes also as guide and companion to us.

As baptised people we live in the midst of God’s embrace, with the joy of knowing that we are part of a great story of reconciliation and renewal that is far beyond our comprehension.

As baptised people, we live as those who bear hope for the community and the world around us. We bear witness to the God who will never hold creation at arm’s length.

As baptised people we set our lives on the way which Jesus shows to us. We are marked by God’s grace and by our love of God and love of our neighbours.


Embrace us, O Lord.

That we might be your people!

Embrace us, O Lord.

That we might follow after you!



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