I am pretty sure I have the best job in the world.

When people ask me how life is at Hope Uniting Church, I can’t help but smile. I can’t always think of the most amazing story to share with whoever has asked me about how we’re travelling along but there are so many little moments of the Spirit bubbling up within our community. From where I get to stand, the view is pretty darn good!


But even the most amazing job in the world has its more boring moments.Rosters1



I don’t like writing up the rosters.


But this week, after reading Matthew 10 together on Sunday, and hearing Andrew’s challenge to discern our calling together, I wonder…


What would it be like if we at Hope believed that we each have something to bring and offer to our life together?

What would it be like if we took courage to name our own graces and to call out the gifts we see in others?

What would happen if we nurtured, challenged, encouraged and mentored each other to use our skills and passions to follow Christ beyond our congregation in serving our wider community?

What does it look like to be the body of Christ?


The Uniting Church believes that all who follow after Christ have been given gifts and graces for the journey together. Each of us takes our part in the ministry of Christ- the reconciliation of all things!

“The Uniting Church affirms that every member of the Church is engaged to confess the faith of Christ crucified and to be his faithful servant. It acknowledges with thanksgiving a Church with a diversity of gifts, and that there is no gift without its corresponding service: all ministries have a part in the ministry of Christ.”

That is to say, we’re in this together.

And part of our life together is about discerning and calling out the gifts we have received, so that together we can be an image of Christ in the world.


I still have to return from my wondering to the mundane jigsaw of roster writing.

But perhaps I can do so with the mindset of building community, rather than filling in spaces and jobs, looking to see that our life will be called out of us by the God who created us…and who pushes us forward to live with courage and hope.

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