Lord, have mercy.

Some days there are situations which confront us with horror.


I think of senseless violence in too many places.

And I think especially of the sister in our congregation who flies to Cairns today to https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/vente-viagra/ grieve for the loss of family and the rupture felt within her home community.


So much loss. So much suffering.

There is no meaning to be made of these events.

There are no words to speak of them.


We  cry out with voices from the Scriptures, calling God to remember God’s promises:

You placed your war bow in the sky prix cialis vs viagra and promised descendants to a childless old couple. You have promised us hope, and life to the full. You have promised to be with us even to the end of the age. You have promised comfort in the wild places. You have promised so many things.


Baptised into death, going down into the waters, Jesus accompanies us to the places of tragedy. He plunges down into the depths of horror. He shows us that God throws in God’s lot with even all our wretchedness and grief. Perhaps today this will help us to pray: Lord, have mercy.

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