Like a candle burning wildly


Raging soft against the night

Spark that leaps to clear the shadows

Sending warm disturbing light

We are called to be the passion

Hope stands strong against all pain

For it’s only in the burning

That the candle shows its flame

–          Craig Mitchell


It’s been a year now.

A year since Iain and I moved to the Eastern suburbs and became a part of this congregation and community.


It’s been a year now.

A year since the Presbytery closed Maroubra Bay and Maroubra Junction Uniting Churches, and we stepped out in faith as a new community together.

A year that seems both an incredibly long time and the flicker of an eyelid.


Happy birthday Hope Uniting Church- we’ve come a long way together.


May God enable us, that we might be salt, adding a little of the flavour of peace, justice and loyal-love to our neighbourhoods in Maroubra and beyond.

May God work through us, that we might be light, even a candle burning wildly, as we walk together towards a vision of hope.

May we be those who live in hope, hope that God’s reign would be present on earth as it is in heaven.


Happy birthday Hope Uniting Church!

May there be many more years of faithful following ahead.



See the hope that burns in darkness

Show compassion strong and kind

Bind the hurt and broken-hearted

Be God’s hands and voice and eyes

Sing a new song every sunrise 

Climb to places out of reach

Walk in freedom in God’s sprit 

As we die so shall we live.

–          Craig Mitchell

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