I’ve been on retreat for a couple of days alongside those who shared my ministry training. We’ve had lots of gossip to catch up on over scones and coffee (and wine and cheese). Being gifted a couple of days to listen deeply to the stories of Scripture and to the wisdom of these friends has been a blessing.


The theme of the retreat was for such a time as this.  We wove together our sense of call, and our society, and this strange church that we love in wondering what being disciples looks like for us now. Sometimes thinking about what the future is bringing and how to follow Jesus into it can be overwhelming. So I found myself stepping back, to look around and see where I am now. I began to mind-map in bright crayola colour some of the things I have to rejoice in.

And there is so much.

I wondered if the people who I rejoice to call friends realised how precious it is to me to know that when I walk into that unknown, chaotic, hope-filled future they’re walking in the same direction.


photo 1

And I wonder…

Who are the friends who remind you who you are and who God is calling you to be?

Who are the companions of your discipleship adventure as you follow after Christ pushed along by that pesky, blowing Holy Spirit?

Do they know that you rejoice in their friendship on the road?

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