photo(2)It seems only yesterday that December turned over into January and a new year began. Now, we’ve already found our way into February. And I find myself wondering what adventures will be set before us through this year.


Last year we had a lot of waiting to do. It seemed as though we waited forever to see our garden dreams begin to take shape. It’s hard to wait.


But the garden is emerging. The waiting is moving into something different. Now we will see who we are, as we invite our neighbours to share in our mezcla cocaina viagra place and our dreaming. Now we will discover how deep and wide is our hospitality. And we will see ourselves through the eyes of our community. I’m excited about what we will learn as we get our hands dirty. And I’m reminded of a quote I first saw when our garden dream began:


“Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.

  Plus you get strawberries”

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