Life is busy. This year is busy. Somehow we find that it is already August! Sometimes I feel like I rush from one thing to another, my mind constantly churning and swirling, full of too many things. I (we?) forget to stop and breathe cialis generique and look around.

On Sunday Rosemary taught us the phrase Au Eswow from her language. It means deepest thankfulness and gratitude. She encouraged us to stop and notice the beauty around us. She reminded us to give thanks for the precious community that we are part of together- even in the days and weeks and months when we see that there is so much bad news.

008Au Eswow. I am filled with deep thankfulness and gratitude for each person who is part of Hope Uniting Church and all those others who spend time in our midst.
Au Eswow. I am grateful for the movement of God’s Spirit of love, taking us on adventures towards gardens, playgroups, and new ways to be Jesus people in this place.
Au Eswow. I am amazed that God brought me (and you) here to love each other, challenge each other, encourage each other and to grow in faith as we follow after Christ together.

I am going to try and live out this phrase through the month of August- to live with deep thankfulness and gratitude. I will commit to remembering the ways God has been faithful in the past, through the stories of the Scriptures, among our congregation and in my own life. I will try to notice the ways that God is present around me each day. And I will look with hope to the future that God has promised to bring. Will you join me?

Au Eswow. Amen


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