Sunday was a day filled with beauty.

The sun shone in the morning- perfect beach weather for an unusual free Sunday morning. I love the beach!

The waves were rough and there was much laughter in trying to stay between the flags.

Even Iain, who doesn’t much like the beach, said that perhaps we could come again!



photo 2(2)


The evening brought carols. I love the month before Christmas, filled with carol singing!

It was a lovely service in the round, of hopeful joy in the song that God is playing through the world, of peace and justice, vulnerability and love.




But neither beach nor carols showed me the deepest beauty on Sunday.

In between moving furniture and music practice, a few of us sat on a tapa.

And we prayed.

We prayed prayers of blessing for a brother and friend who is in surgery this week.

We prayed for healing, and hope and strength.

We anointed our brother with oil and held him.

As I watched our circle anointing and blessing their buy levitra dose low friend and brother I saw God’s reign among us. I saw what it is that we yearn for through Advent, the in-breaking of God’s peace and justice, grace and forgiving-ness. I saw community formed around a God who isn’t afraid of our mess. I saw the daring to trust that God will keep on showing up, even though we’re not always sure how.

My eyes were filled with tears.

It was beautiful.



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