For Hope Uniting, worship isn’t just about Sundays. We seek to be a community shaped by faith practices such as prayer, reading Scripture, offering hospitality and living generously. These practices are for every day, as we seek to be followers of Jesus.

On Sunday we gather together at 10am for about an hour and a half. We sing; we pray; we reflect on the life of Jesus and the stories of our faith; we share in coffee and food together. There are people of different ages, backgrounds, traditions and life-stages. We try to ensure that there are ways for everyone to participate in our service. On the first Sunday of each month we share Holy Communion together and then follow the service with a community barbecue.


Throughout my ministry I’ve found that people either love John’s Gospel for its strong claims about who Jesus is, or have found the whole thing mystifying for its long winded and dense style AND its polarising claims around Jesus.

This gospel certainly takes some unpacking. It is bold and uncompromising, and it is full of contrast and conflict. But if we are willing to be interrogated by the text (rather than use it to bolster what we already know) we have an incredible opportunity to be destabilised by the love of God in Jesus.

And once we are destabilised by the gospel, we are open to see the glory of God in our neighbour, in our broken and vulnerable families, and even in the mysteries of our own lives.

Come and explore this mystery of love. Sunday’s at 10am or online and on facebook.