For Hope Uniting, worship isn’t just about Sundays. We seek to be a community shaped by faith practices such as prayer, reading Scripture, offering hospitality and living generously. These practices are for every day, as we seek to be followers of Jesus.

On Sunday we gather together at 10am for about an hour and a half. We sing; we pray; we reflect on the life of Jesus and the stories of our faith; we share in coffee and food together. There are people of different ages, backgrounds, traditions and life-stages. We try to ensure that there are ways for everyone to participate in our service. On the first Sunday of each month we share Holy Communion together and then follow the service with a community barbecue.


Like all of you, I’ve had periods of my life when my faith has soared and God’s presence has seemed an intimate and reassuring reality; and I’ve had times of despair, uncertainty and even rage at what felt like God’s absence. The changing sense of our connection to God can be one of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life to comprehend.

The Bible offers us many wonderful examples of people seeking to listen to God in radically diverse situations; some of exultant joy (like David in a few of the Psalms) and some in tearful despair (Job). The scriptures offer us no simplistic answers, but recognise that we too will have seasons of hope and seasons of despair; days of faith and nights of fear.

Whatever season you find yourself in, we can turn to the scriptures to see how other people have sought after God in their own tumultuous lives. Some wrestled with God, some ran as far as possible in the opposite direction, while some encountered God in the stillness of a storms. Throughout August and September we will be exploring seven stories from scripture to see how seven different people listened to God.

Wherever you find yourself, whatever season your life is in, God is with you.  I look forward to listening, pondering and learning alongside of you.



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