One of the former congregations who merged to create Hope Uniting Church, spent many years exploring how our faith and the environment are intimately linked. Project Green Church was an exciting and innovative reordering of our church life to express our commitment to sustainability as an essential component of Christian faith. It led us to property and equipment changes such as installing Water tanks and grey water treatment systems. It also engaged us to think about eco-theology and care for the creation. And importantly it led us to engage with many other local groups committed to similar journeys. A series of videos were created to tell this story, and they can be seen here

Project Green Church has ceased as a formal program of our church, though the principles continue in many ways, such as our community garden.

You can also watch the documentary below, in four parts:

Part 1: Welcome

Part 2: Buildings and equipment

Part 3: Possession and skill sharing

Part 4: Mission and outreach, and farewell