Service time: 10:00am Sunday

Weekly gardening: 10–11am Friday

Bible study times for
Semester 2 coming soon

Tuesday 10:00–11:30am
during school terms

Recent Blogs

Prayer Practices #1: The Examen

Over the next fortnight, Matt will be posting about some different prayer practices to help us continue our exploration of prayer and fasting. The posts will be short and, for the most part, practically-focused. The Examen The Examen,…

An inclusive church?

Anyone is welcome to come to church. Anyone is welcome to come to our church at Hope. Black, white, Tongan, Korean, Anglo, student, retired, gay, bi, straight, depressed, confused, excited, addicted, uncertain, young, old, child (actual…

Fasting: Learning to Desire Differently

Consumer culture has shaped us into a people who have almost no limits on our desires. Indeed, our current political system treats purchasing more and more things as a right—nay, a responsibility!— one that ensures the economy is successful. Political…