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So, that's that!

So, that’s that! The Lenten sugar challenge finished up, with the glorious taste of maple (flavoured) syrup on BBQ pancakes at Hope Uniting’s Easter breakfast. After that some of the (huge) stash of chocolate that somehow infiltrated our…

converted anew by the stranger

I've been thinking over the last week about how easily I become judgemental. When people don’t  have the same beliefs or ideas as me, it’s very easy to discount  them. Or simply to leave them in the corner to ignore. Last Sunday after…

somehow, somewhere along the way...

Somehow, somewhere along the way, my husband and I decided to give up sugar for Lent this year. I maintain that it was all his idea, a way of getting back at me for inviting him to join me in giving up meat through Lent a few years ago. It’s…