Worship is at 10am Sunday mornings and all are welcome. Communion and community meal following worship, the first Sunday of the month.

Christian Students Uniting (CSU) Bible studies and social events are happening. Get in touch with the Uniting UNSW chaplain for more information.

Thursdays 10:00–11:30am
during school terms

Recent Blogs


A church of gratitude

We spend much of our time here at Hope, exploring and teasing and playing with the Gospel narratives of Jesus – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Like every church, indeed every Christian, we have our favourite sections of the Bible. The ones…

A quiet Easter wave

Sometimes Easter feels like standing in the surf at Maroubra, another series of waves comes crashing through and I have to judge whether to jump, swim, dive or float. Another season of Lent wends its way towards an upper room, some washed…

Patient hope

Often during Advent, churches will have a wreath with five candles in it. Each week they light one more of the candles until on Christmas Day the final candle is lit as the Christ Candle. It’s a pretty liturgical ritual – and one that…