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Advent Beauty

Sunday was a day filled with beauty. The sun shone in the morning- perfect beach weather for an unusual free Sunday morning. I love the beach! The waves were rough and there was much laughter in trying to stay between the flags. Even…

Waiting, watching, praying

  In Advent we look for signs that God is present in our midst. We hope. We wait. We watch.   We pray: Advent-God, we are waiting for you. Burst in upon our lives with your colour and vibrance, like fireworks in a summery sky. God-of-Hope, forgive…

Living in God's embrace

On Sunday we celebrated the baptism of Lani Jean Johnson. We marvelled together at the way that God gathers us up in loving embrace.   Mary Fleeson, an artist from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium, puts it like this:   Embrace…