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something new

I sit here, enjoying a summery breeze on the balcony, pondering the year ahead. Last year was so full of new things- new for me and my family, new for us as a congregation. I wonder what the adventures will be for the year that is just getting underway. I wonder what the challenges will […]

Godless Galileans and Christmas lunch

Commenting on the activities of the early church, Roman Emperor Julian said, “The godless Galileans feed our poor in addition to their own.”* Oh to be known as Godless Galileans who feed others – regardless of who they belong to! Maybe that seems an odd statement as Christmas looms ever nearer. Don’t get me wrong, […]

absurd faith

On Saturday a few of us from Hope Uniting joined others from the Uniting Church across NSW and the ACT to unveil a giant patchwork quilt filled with artworks demanding an end to child detention. It was touch-and-go, rain poured down until just before the public liturgy and then the hopeful sun broke through and […]

Hearing our own good news

  Over the last few weeks we’ve heard a number of small stories from people, about where they have seen and experienced hope: Kirsty shared of her experience of the new hospitality group, and the way they have embraced becoming a community who engage with scripture, care for one another, and offering hospitality to others with simple […]

Waiting for…

I recently spent a blissful weekend on retreat at the Benedictine Abbey in Jamberoo. It was so still and peaceful; it is a place of silence, prayer and meditation. One of the women accompanying me commented that she didn’t realise how quickly quiet on the outside would lead to quiet on the inside. I noticed this […]

A palace in time

Those weeks when I find myself absent from Sunday worship, as earlier this month, I seem to lose track of time. There is a disjunction between the days and my sense of where I am. There is something missing, something intangible but non-negotiable for life. Perhaps it is simply that I am so used to […]

like sands through an hourglass

Time in the modern world seems to be in short supply. I recall staring out across Anzac Parade a few years ago, one hot afternoon in the weeks just before Christmas. The Rush was upon us, with parking wars aplenty, and shops overflowing as everyone scrambled their last minute arrangements. I was not immune by any means, […]


When least expected, The manna Comes. Like a burst  of lightning in a moonless desert night -Azriel Yakov, Manna     Manna seems a strange place to begin thinking about money. But maybe we can’t think about money until we have remembered the surprising generosity so often seen in the Scripture stories about God: Manna and quail […]


A new hope…

It’s been a day of significant steps for Hope Uniting Church. And I’m feeling tired and excited at all the possibilities before us. Our next Newsletter published (great work Myrle), a big financial hurdle crossed, our website nearing full readiness and some important planning discussions around the community garden. Down the road Nesto is grinding out the […]