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About a week ago, a family of stray cats moved into my back yard. I noticed them one morning, hanging out the washing. They were sitting under the banana trees our landlord planted, Mum and her seven little kittens, gorgeous and wild. I spent a lot of time sitting on a step downstairs, smiling as […]

Hope shines in the darkness

In the last weeks of February Australia has been confronted by the question of who our neighbour is. People who have fled situations of violence, seeking sanctuary in our safety, have been let down while held in our care. We have seen violence, secrecy and death. And Australian Christians must ask ourselves once again what […]

Converted by Manus Island

I am more convinced than ever that we need to talk about conversion   About turning around About finding a new way to do things And yes, to talk about Jesus. I’ve tried for a few days to work out how to write about my immense anger at the Australian government over our immigration policy […]

It’s been a year

  Like a candle burning wildly Raging soft against the night Spark that leaps to clear the shadows Sending warm disturbing light We are called to be the passion Hope stands strong against all pain For it’s only in the burning That the candle shows its flame –          Craig Mitchell   It’s been a year […]

Catching onto God’s rhythm in the world

This last weekend I had the opportunity to worship with another congregation in another city. It was refreshing to hear the stories they are telling about God’s presence in their midst, to be reminded that God is at work in places beyond Hope Uniting and university ministries. We heard reflection on Scripture and experiences from […]

Tonga and Cyclone Ian

  It is nearly two years ago that 18 members of Maroubra Junction UCA travelled to Tonga. Most of our time was spent with the incredible people of the Tongoleleka Free Wesleyan Church in Ha’apai. It was incredible experience of overwhelming hospitality and generosity in the face of extreme poverty.   On Saturday January 11th […]

something new

I sit here, enjoying a summery breeze on the balcony, pondering the year ahead. Last year was so full of new things- new for me and my family, new for us as a congregation. I wonder what the adventures will be for the year that is just getting underway. I wonder what the challenges will […]

Godless Galileans and Christmas lunch

Commenting on the activities of the early church, Roman Emperor Julian said, “The godless Galileans feed our poor in addition to their own.”* Oh to be known as Godless Galileans who feed others – regardless of who they belong to! Maybe that seems an odd statement as Christmas looms ever nearer. Don’t get me wrong, […]

absurd faith

On Saturday a few of us from Hope Uniting joined others from the Uniting Church across NSW and the ACT to unveil a giant patchwork quilt filled with artworks demanding an end to child detention. It was touch-and-go, rain poured down until just before the public liturgy and then the hopeful sun broke through and […]